Tips for increasing your smartphone mobile battery life

Now the mobile phones have become a good friend of all of us. We generally not only use the mobile phones now for calling and but also to get connected with our near and dear with Apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Moreover, the different Apps for learning, information sharing and other productive usage has led the user to get addicted of Android platform mobile phones. But the main concern of every user is mobile battery. Since the Android platform mobile phone’s battery does not last longer that’s why we need to either charge it up as frequently or we have to carry a battery bank. But do you know that we can stop the fast draining of our phone’s battery? Here are some tips which will not only save the battery but also increase the life of your mobile phones too as the more you charge your phone battery the life of your battery get decreased.

1. Keep the brightness low: If you would decrease the level of brightness, it will help your smartphone to consume less power than when it is in the full brightness. So, to increase the battery life change the default brightness level and set it minimum as much low as you can.

2. Keep the usage minimum: Since you are having a big addiction of your phone, so expecting not to use your phone is useless but in anyhow you just try to minimize the usage of your phone by just uninstalling the application which is not required. It will not only free the phone memory but also keep the battery from draining soon.

3. Keep the location service turned off: Now the latest smartphones has got this feature of sending the users location for GPS and for another purpose. Although, it’s a good feature but it will also consume lot of battery power. So, it is suggested to turn it off when location services are not required.

4. The connectivity: It generally happens that we keep the mobile internet/Wi-Fi open of our phones even when we are not using the internet. So, it is advisable that if you want to increase your phone’s battery life than keep the internet connectivity off when you don’t need it. It includes the Wi-Fi , data connection and Bluetooth too.

5. The third party apps: In order to increase the battery life, you can have an option of installing some good third party battery saver apps. These apps will notify you the exactly consumption power of your phone battery.

So, the above mentioned tips are so effective that it will not only save your phone battery but also increase the life of it. Now what are you waiting for? Go and follow these tips to save phone battery & it’s life.

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